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Joe Sokkar Painting Services is ready to offer Decorative Painting Services for commercial, residential as well as industrial projects. No matter whether it is an interior wall or the exterior one – our expert painters are here to paint it and give it a new look as per your requirements. We are based in Kogarah Bay and provide our Painting Service to various parts of NSW including Sydney and other big cities.

Since we have experience in this field, we understand that different sectors need different types of painting. The painting service that you require for your bedroom will not be suitable for a warehouse. Hence, the customers often search for individual service providers for specific fields. However, when you come to Joe Sokkar Painting Services then you can obtain everything related to painting service under one roof.

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For Exterior Walls

Being the highly experience Commercial painting Contractor we can make it easier for you to have the right exterior paint for your commercial building. Since, the outside of any building gets exposed to the natural elements like air, dust, rain, storm, etc. rather than the interior walls, it is required to pay more attention to the exterior walls while painting the same.

We can provide you with the most efficient and reliable Commercial Exterior Painting Service in Sydney as per your budget.

For Interior Walls

On the other hand, your interior wall paint reflects your mood, personality, lifestyle and creative mind. Hence, you need to paint those walls in such a manner that people can understand what type of person you are when they enter your house. If you are looking for the interior painting for your commercial building, then also you need to use colours that can attract your visitors, current and potential clients easily.

There are showrooms, gyms, restaurants and other commercial places that grab the attention of the visitors with the help of the colour combination of the interior walls. We are ready to provide you with your desired Custom interior painting for the interior walls of your residential or commercial places without any flaw. You can also include the industrial buildings in this section since we are one of the Industrial Painters in Sydney.

Please call us or send us an email to get a free quote for your painting project.